FAQ related to navigation

FAQ related to navigation

In this section you will find answers to common questions that we can do to go sailing or at the time of preparing our trip or holiday.

What should I wear on board?

The most appropriate attire includes long pants docker type that is comfortable, short-sleeved shirt, long sleeve windbreaker, white slip-soled shoes do not check or clear the boat deck and any type nautical jersey at sea as usually done fresher. Gloves are optional but recommended extra.

What I can do to keep from getting dizzy?

For those people who often suffer from seasickness, we recommend taking a Biodramina an hour before boarding and avoid sailing with an empty stomach, nor too full. Once on board it is best not to think about possible dizziness to avoid psychosomatic component.

What do I have to do if I faint?

If symptoms are mild, should be on deck in a place where one of the breeze and looking towards the horizon. Refresh the front and back also tends to relieve and by no means enter the cabin. When sickness is more severe, it is best to return overboard (always downwind) and get to sleep in a cabin.

What should I bring on board?

Sunglasses are basic as the decks of ships are white and produce a lot of reflection. The caps are recommended provided they are well adjusted and do not fly with ease.

How should I protect yourself from the sun?

It is important that we apply high factor sunscreen protection before departure and apply more sunscreen after swimming. Look for the shade of an awning to avoid being exposed for a full day at sea where the sun is very strong for the reflection it produces.

Tips to shove off the cruise ship to sail

It is essential to follow these simple tips before you shove off the boat:

  • Become familiar with the boat before leaving.
  • Learn where and how well the cruise is docked and re-port that uses the same elements to tie.
  • We will cover a sweeper.
  • We will ensure that there is absolutely no rope in the water as it may entangle with the propeller.
  • Do not obstruct the visibility of the helmsman during the maneuver.

Leaving the port

Once defenses are untied they should be triggered and stored where indicated by the skipper.

When we reach the open sea, we face the bow into the wind to unwind the mainsail first. For this maneuver, the mainsail Trimmer will trim all the way indicated in the boom, the 'Coffe' will help with self-tailing winch and the Piano gives out no-end of the reel and closes the jaws when the sail is already wide open.

Then the ship will fall into one of the bands to get more wind and Genoa trimmer can proceed to hunt the leeward sheet with the help of coffee and trimmer to winch greater than cede the furling line to keep the candle step down at once.

Back to Port

Once the planned route has finished and before entering port, funky Genoa and mainsail following the same process to open, but in reverse order.

The entrance to the port is done by engine.

We will put defenses on the sides with Ballestrinque knot.

Berthing pier

It is essential to follow these simple tips before docking the boat:

  • Upon arrival at the dock, defenses must be placed.
  • A crew member must be ready with the gaff head to avoid hitting with other boats or the dock.
  • Moor stern.
  • When we are close enough, a crew jumped ashore to pass the lines and avoid hitting the dock.
  • When you have completed the move will see that the defenses are working well.
  • Arrange the ropes.
  • We will take a hose down the boat to remove the salt.


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